Le Sacre

“Le Sacré definitely pushed the envelope fusing contemporary modern balletic movements and a cocktail of dance languages with a myriad of circus acts… This is the type of production that will consume your mind and emotions for many days afterwards, so much so that it is worth watching again”
- Caterina Kuljis, Dancelife
Le Sacré was created as a collaboration between NICA and the Australian Ballet School and presented at the National Institute of Circus Arts in the National Circus Centre from June 14 - 23, 2018.

Creative TEam

Directors: Zebastian Hunter, Simon Dow and Meredith Kitchen

Set and Costume Designer: Stephanie Howe

Lighting Designer: Matthew Scott

Sound Designer: Lee Stout

Photographer: Aaron Walker

Cinematographer: Adam Lynch

Cast: Featuring students from the National Institute of Circus Arts 2nd Year cohort of 2018 and the Australian Ballet School level 7.

Show Description

Le Sacré represents the creation and destruction of human life in an attempt to effect change on something bigger than ourselves.  It is brutalist superstition, the enforcement of patriarchal institutions and the grotesque celebration of sacrifice.  

Our Directorial Team, Zebastian Hunter, Meredith Kitchen and Simon Dow sought to expose the deeper truths of the original narrative and themes inherent in Nijinsky's The Rite of Spring.  Our improvisational and devising framework sought to draw upon the concepts of oppression, sacrifice, empathy and joy.  The performers ideas and physical offers contributed to the vocabulary and content of the work as they melded together as an ensemble.  Our ultimate decision to present this in an abstracted and modernised context allowed us to examine its relevance today as visual theatre intertwined with the dual creative disciplines of ballet and circus.

Le Sacré draws together humanity.  It allows us to understand our differences and the primitive actions of our ancestors.  This cruelty has set into motion an order to the world that affects every aspect of human life, from the political to the artistic.  It is up to us to acknowledge this system and perhaps to break it.  

Le Sacré what is left when nothing is sacred?

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Le Sacré
Le Sacré
Le Sacré
Le Sacré
Le Sacré
Le Sacré
Le Sacré
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